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Did you know that billions of dollars are uncollected every year? 

  Yes it is 100% true!  


   Because it is not the State's responsibility to notify you of it. 

   In reality, the state does not owe you. 

   Each State Treasurer has been assigned to hold the money of claimants until claims are filed. 


You do NOT have to pay a penny to collect your money. Just file your claim(s) electronically or call your State Treasurer's office to file your claim(s). Once the claim(s) process and is verified your check(s) will arrive in the mail.

         IT IS THAT SIMPLE !

Money Blessings Now has gather information to share with you on how to collect your unclaimed money. We have notified for many friends and family of their unclaimed money and you could be next to collect.  In order to have your claim(s) processed you must complete the inquiry claim form online or call your state treasury office to file your claim(s). You can click on the link below with a list of each State Treasury Department contact numbers.  You can also click on the link above or below to file your claim electronically. 

You will need provide your current address, social security number and phone number then forward the completed claim form(s) electronically via on the State website or print the completed claim(s) and forward by mail.

Please note that there are some instances in which the State will request for a claim(s) to be notarized. It will depend on the value and type of claim(s). 

This is not free money, a lottery scam, an overseas scam or a way of collecting money from you. Once you receive your check(s) in the mail you will be overjoyed. 

         THIS IS 100% REAL!!


This is money that you have earned and is entitled to receive. These funds could have derived from an over payment on a bill, an income tax return check that was non deliverable because you have relocated without issuing a forwarding address to the United States Postal Service, a paycheck you failed to collect from your previous employment, an incorrect mailing address on a refund from a department store, an inheritance, a PayPal account, a utility security deposit, an old bank account, etc. In any event the money is yours to collect.

ALL uncollected monies are held by the Office of the State‚Äôs Treasurer who oversees and maintains the funds for safekeeping until claimed by its true owners. Some states statute prohibits the disclosure of exact dollar amounts until proof of entitlement has been substantiated. In some cases, the only way to find out the exact amount is to call the State holding the funds or file the claim(s). Click on the link below to obtain the contact number for each state.

Below is the list of states and provinces not currently linked to the website. You will be directed to the State's unclaimed property website to file your claim.     
California State Controller Unclaimed Property 

Connecticut Unclaimed property 

Delaware Unclaimed Property 

Georgia Unclaimed Property 

Guam Unclaimed Property

Hawaii Unclaimed Property

Kansas Unclaimed Property

Oregon Unclaimed Property

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property

US Virgin Islands Unclaimed Property

Washington State

Wyoming Unclaimed Property

Please be informed that each state Treasury department can be reach by phone. All of the contact numbers for each of the 50 states is listed in the link below

The State is not obligated to notify individuals of monies due to them. The only way you will be notified money is owed to you is through an asset locator or some other source. If you search the Missing Money website and establish a claim in your name you can call the State Treasury department directly or file an e-claim online. 

We cannot file your claim it is up to you to do so and receive your check(s) in the mail. If a claim is not filed the money that is due to you will remain at the State Treasury department FOREVER! 

No one can claim your money but you. 

It is a federal crime to file claims not belonging to you it is fraud and you will be charged with a crime and face possible imprisonment.  


If claimants are not notified of their money it remains unclaimed forever. Unfortunately, the States Treasury is not obligated to notify individuals of uncollected funds owned to them therefore most times it remains uncollected. Share this website with everyone you know. You could change someone circumstance should there be an uncollected check or checks for them.  

Many individuals we contact are extremely surprised when notified of money waiting for them to collect. Most times some individuals will file their claims immediately, on the other hand, some individuals are total unbelievers and for this reason their money will remain unclaimed because a claim has to be filed in order for a check(s) can be processed. In some cases, the State will request additional verification such as proof of address they have on file. If the information requested is not provided your claim will not be processed.  

For those individuals who require further proof of legitimacy to your claims, call the State that is holding your money to confirm. Click on the link below to see contact numbers for each State Treasury Department. 

We feel compelled to inform individuals of the Money Blessing that rightfully belongs to them. Please take into consideration that your money would still be unclaimed if we did not notify you, or if someone else did not share oso be kind and share this information with others.  

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